From a deeply rooted feeling of freedom, Elements of Freedom creates in connection with people and nature. Fashion made in a responsible way, with freedom for the people who create it and for the people who wear it. Elements of Freedom wants to show the world that fashion and sustainability are perfectly suited for oneanother.

Fair materials, Fair production

We use natural and recycled materials that are least harmful to the environment, such as tencel, linen, GOTS certified cotton and responsible wool. These are all materials that are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. The people who work hard to be able to come up with beautiful inspiring collections each season do so in good working conditions. Our collaborative partners are mostly from Europe and, like us, also strive to produce sustainable and fair products and they have certificates and/or proof for this.

Buy less but more conscious fashion

We are convinced we can set an example to others with an ever growing group of people so that buying less but more conscious fashion is the norm in a few years. Buying less is the most effective solution in saving our environment, because everything we buy has to be made and transported and is therefore in some way harmful to the environment. Elements of Freedom loves showing you that it is possible to combine looking fabulous with buying more sensibly. This way, you will radiate inside and out!