"From a deep-rooted sense of freedom, Elements of Freedom creates in connection with people & nature."

For us, good working conditions and the lowest possible ecological footprint are not a trend, but a conviction and a requirement. Everything we use is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. In this way we eliminate waste and pollution and raw materials are optimally used and reused. The clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. We do our part by burdening the environment as little as possible.

What we contribute to

Co2 emissions

Our design process starts in our CO2-neutral office in Amsterdam

Reuse drink water

We reuse all the water left over after the process

No more waste

We use recycled and recyclable materials and products

Less chemicals

We do not use pesticides and chemicals but natural solutions

''We want to inspire woman to join us on our mission.''

As a consumer you can already make a huge impact by choosing companies that make a positive contribution to people and animals, the environment and society.

Closing the Loop

Fashion can and must be different. Fashion and sustainability no longer have to be separated. Our design process starts in a CO2-neutral office in Amsterdam. The total life cycles of the product are central to this. We choose Endless Element. This means that we use recycled products as much as possible and that everything is ultimately recyclable or biodegradable.

We believe it is important to complete the circle, which is why we opt for circular fashion. With this in mind, we create your favorite, timeless piece of clothing that will bring you years of wearing pleasure.

We pay a lot of attention and time to find materials that have the least possible impact on the environment. This is reflected in the reuse of water, the elimination of chemicals and pesticides, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the use of protective/renewable resources.

Because many names, such as 'ecological' or 'organic' are not protected, we attach great importance to third party certificates. As a result, you are always assured that your favorite piece of clothing is safe to wear and contributes to a better world.

Our collections are known for our prints. These are mainly printed on EcoVero Viscose. This sustainable fabric is made from wood pulp from protected, renewable forests and is 100% biodegradable. We also make extensive use of recycled materials. For example recycled wool, cotton or steel for the buttons. This saves a lot of CO2 because no new raw materials have to be extracted. In addition, we don't have to throw away as much.

Our ultimate goal is to make our collections entirely from recycled materials. For some parts of an item where this is not yet possible, we always use certified fabrics, such as GOTS Certified Cotton. This certificate protects cotton farmers, the environment and entire ecosystems. In addition, all our materials have an OEKO-TEX certificate that indicates that the product is free of harmful substances.

Read more about our materials and certificates here.

Production process

our production takes place (mainly) in Europe, exclusively under the standards of EU labor law. We visit our workshops in Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria several times a year and are in close contact with everyone who contributes to our collections. Together we strive for a fair and sustainable way of doing business. For example, the aim is to achieve a CO2-neutral production process without waste, whereby residual materials are collected and returned to the process.


With our recycling program ''Endless Elements'' we want to close the circle, because a circular economy is the economy of the future.

If there comes a time when you get tired of your old Elements of Freedom item, you can hand it in our clothing basket in our Brand Store for a discount code for a new item. We make sure that it is recycled into something new.