Created and made in connection with people and nature


Every piece of clothing is conceived and designed in Amsterdam. Time and again, different models are tried on for the perfect fit.

We are innovative when designing, but not just every trend is followed. We call it timeless with the times. This makes every piece of clothing a favorite for years to come.


Only comfortable, durable fabrics are used. In this way we can continue to create fashion without harming people, animals or the environment. Even our buttons are made from recycled or biodegradable materials. Every year we set the goal to increase the percentage of recycled materials.


The collections are produced in Europe under good and fair working conditions. We produce as much as possible on request to prevent surpluses.

The factories are visited several times a year and together we stand for fair and sustainable production.


Every year too much clothing ends up in the waste heap. When a garment comes to the end of its cycle, we ensure that the garments or materials can be used in a new way. If an Elements of Freedom item of clothing is used up and you do not have a good destination for it yourself, you can return it to us. We provide a sustainable solution.

What we contribute to

Reduce co2 emissions

Our design process starts in our CO2-neutral office in Amsterdam

Reuse drink water

We reuse all the water left-over after every process

No more waste

We use recycled and recyclable materials and products

Reduce chemicals

We do not use pesticides and chemicals but natural solutions


With our recycling program ''Endless Elements'' we want to close the circle, because a circular economy is the economy of the future.

If there comes a time when you get tired of your old Elements of Freedom item, you can hand it in in our clothing basket in our Brand Store for a discount code for a new item. We make sure that it is recycled into something new.

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