Sustainability meets fashion

For us, good working conditions and the lowest possible ecological footprint are not a trend, but a conviction and an obligation. It is the reason why we started our fashion brand, and what still drives us everyday. Our pursuit is to create timeless collections that outlast seasonal trends and that are suitable for any occasion. Items that you'll love for a lifetime.

Meet our founder & designer, Audrey Nuchelmans

”We believe in freedom. Living life with a free and open mind and with respect for people and nature. We want to change the fashion world by bringing more beauty, fairness and consciousness to it.”

Freedom allows us to be ourselves, to make our own choices and to pursue happiness without restrictions. We long for the good feeling, for a conscious and meaningful life in connection with people and nature.

The flow of positive energy


A good feeling



Dutch design

We create circular and timeless collections. Each item is designed in Amsterdam. We are innovative when designing, but we don't follow just every trend. We call it timeless with the times. This makes every piece of clothing a favorite for years to come.

A timeless wardrobe with a unique signature in which freedom, authenticity and happiness come together.


With our recycling program ''Endless Elements'' we close the circle, because a circular economy is the economy of the future.

If there comes a time when you get tired of your old Elements of Freedom item, you can hand it in in our clothing basket in our Brand Store for a discount code for a new item. We make sure that it is reused or recycled into something new.

Our goals

Sustainability is an ongoing process of improvement. We set sustainability goals each year and we partner up with our suppliers to research and develop innovative and less harmful fabrics and materials. We use as much recycled materials as possible, as this leaves natural resources intact. All other used materials are highly sustainable and biodegradable, so they can return back to nature without a trace.

Percentage of recycled materials in our collections:    

Want to know more about our sustainability journey? Visit our sustainability page!