”We believe in freedom. Living life with a free and open mind and with respect for people and nature. We want to change the fashion world by bringing more beauty, fairness and consciousness to it.”

- Audrey Nuchelmans



We create a wardrobe for women in which they can freely express themselves. Colorful clothing that bring joy, made in the most ethical and sustainable way, from seed to sew.

We aim to be the ultimate sustainable womenswear brand that creates the most appealing wardrobe as for aesthetics, quality, fit and wearing pleasure.

Make fashion beautiful again!

- Team Elements of Freedom


Sustainability is an ongoing process of improvement. We fix a sustainability goal each year and we partner up with our suppliers to research and develop innovative and less harmful fabrics and materials. We use as much recycled materials as possible, as this leaves natural resources intact. All other used materials are highly sustainable and biodegradable, so they can return back to nature without a trace.

Our next goal is to have at least 35% of our collection made out of recycled materials by 2023.

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