Sara Devi Graaf: Finding Freedom in Portugal’s Sunlit Hills

Sara Devi Graaf: Finding Freedom in Portugal’s Sunlit Hills

In a world where fast-paced living and strict schedules often control our lives, Sara Devi Graaf’s decision to move her family from busy Hamburg to the peaceful, sunlit hills of Portugal seems almost like a dream come true. But behind this move lies a powerful search for freedom—a journey that should speak to anyone seeking balance, creativity, and purpose in life.

Answering the Call of Freedom

For many, freedom is just a concept. For Sara, it became a mission. "We had everything in Hamburg—a nice apartment, the best kindergarten, great jobs, and wonderful friends," she remembers. But even with all these, Sara felt stuck. "I felt anxious, like, should I continue like this for the next 10 or 20 years?" she asks, recalling the nights spent wondering if there was more to life.

Sara longed to escape the usual nine-to-five grind. She dreamed of a life where she and her husband could work independently, and their children could grow up surrounded by nature and values that felt right. "Freedom is taking control of what you can and going after what you really want," To her, real freedom is about making choices that match your true desires and values.


From Hamburg to Portugal

Moving to Portugal wasn’t an easy decision. At first, the family decided to try it for six months, keeping their apartment in Hamburg just in case. This cautious yet bold step paints her well  —taking risks with a backup plan. It let them explore their new life without the stress of making it permanent right away.

Portugal offered more than just a change of scenery; it brought a whole new way of living. The slower pace, the sunny weather, and the later school start times made a big difference. These changes meant more relaxed mornings, quality family time, and a deeper connection with nature—key parts of Sara's vision for a happy life.

Casa Portufornia: A Haven for Creativity

In Portugal, Sara and her husband have created a unique haven called Casa Portufornia. This project is more than just a home; it is a retreat designed to help others live more purposeful lives. “We host people to enhance their creativity, working with the beautiful natural surroundings here,” Sara explains. The goal is to provide a space where individuals can disconnect from the pressures of city life and reconnect with their creative selves.

Sara’s background in advertising and her lifelong love for creativity influence the work she does at Casa Portufornia. “I come from the countryside, where I was always surrounded by nature. I learned to cook and experiment with flavors from a young age. For me, cooking is like painting,” she shares. This creative approach extends to how she helps others find their path to freedom and creativity.


A Life of Freedom and Creativity

Sara’s journey is deeply influenced by her upbringing. Raised in a politically active, spiritually minded family that valued alternative living, she learned the importance of creativity and freedom early on. "My parents were always active and academic, trying to live differently," she recalls. This background has greatly shaped how she approaches life and parenting.

Today, Sara and her husband are raising their children in a similar way, blending modern creativity with traditional values. Their two boys are growing up in an environment that encourages both tech skills and a strong bond with nature. "You need roots and wings," Sara says, hoping this balanced upbringing will help her children follow their passions freely and responsibly.

Looking Ahead

Sara's story shows how powerful intentional living can be. By daring to redefine success and following a path that aligns with her values, she has transformed her own life and wishes to inspire others to find their own paths to freedom and creativity. Looking to the future, Sara sees Casa Portufornia as a thriving community, a place where people can balance work and well-being, and an example of what’s possible when you choose to live freely.

In a time when many feel trapped by societal expectations, Sara’s move to Portugal should serve as a source of inspiration. Her story shows that embracing freedom—by making brave, thoughtful choices—can lead to a richer, more fulfilling life. As the sun sets over Portugal’s rolling hills, Sara’s journey reminds us that freedom is not just a destination but an ongoing adventure of self-discovery and heartfelt decisions.

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