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We think it is truly important to contribute to a more sustainable world. The clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries. Fortunately, people are becoming more and more aware of this which, to us, is the first step into the right direction. In general, we don’t really have a clue what our bought item of clothing is made of. ELEMENTS OF FREEDOM would like to change this. On the one hand by continuing to make beautiful and attractive clothing in which a woman can feel happy, free and comfortable, and on the other hand by continuing to raise awareness about transparency in the production chain, good working conditions, sustainable fabrics and production processes.

Taking good care of and maintaining clothes

Clothing could last a lifetime, especially if the quality is good and the clothing is cared for properly. Washing clothing too often will damage it, and on top of that, washing is also harmful to our environment.

Buy less but more conscious fashion

We are convinced we can set an example to others with an ever growing group of people so that buying less but more conscious fashion is the norm in a few years. Buying less is the most effective solution in saving our environment, because everything we buy has to be made and transported and is therefore in some way harmful to the environment.

Elements of Freedom loves showing you that it is possible to combine looking fabulous with buying more sensibly. This way, you will radiate inside and out!

Giving clothing a second life

Quality clothing is perfectly suitable for a second chance at life. If you are looking to throw out some of your clothing, you can always sell or exchange it, or even give it away. Think of vintage shops, eBay, exchange fairs, etc.